Monday, May 24, 2010

Mourinho is the Real genius

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Midnight had come and gone when Jose Mourinho eventually arrived in the press auditorium at the Santiago Bernabeu - more than two hours after a Champions League (CL) that proved he is indeed a bit special - to deliver another special performance

The Italians champion, Inter beat Bayern Munich to win the CL on Saturday making him the third coach to win the prize with two clubs. Now, he is certain to leave Inter to join another big club, Real Madrid.

Aku memang suka dia ni. Karier dia bermula hanya sebagai interpreter sebelum jadi assistant coach kat Barcelona. Lepas bawak Porto juara liga dan CL, dia bawak Chelsea juara liga plak buat pertama kali dalam masa 50 tahun. Then, treble for Inter.. You are really a 'Special One'..


+akufobia+ said...

baru nak sokong bayern.aa.

kay shafiQ said...

Mourinho is a genius but pep also remarkable very impressive. Looking forward for La Liga next season

Aidi-Safuan said...

first time bawak porto menang champions league. giler terperanjat satu dunia time tuh. memang sah la legend dia nih. :)

Football Territory said...

+akufobia+: lps ni sokong real madrid plak :)

kay shafiQ: xsbr nk tgk mourinho kat La Liga..

Aidi=Safuan: legend to be =)